Treatment Program

Our treatment programs are person-centered, comprehensive, and specifically designed for men. We believe that each person should be treated as an individual with unique needs, strengths, goals, and desires. The core treatment program was developed utilizing evidenced based clinical practices and Biblical interventions.

The cornerstone of Loaves and Fishes recovery program is our faith in the
power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to change lives. It is only when men realize that the power
to change does not reside within themselves, but rather in relinquishing control of their lives to
God the Father, that change is possible. Our clients participate in daily devotions, Bible study, and group therapy. The men also participate in weekly church services, prayer meetings, and encouragement meetings.

Download our application and email to:

This is our initial application which includes a brief history, financial policies, releases, consent to treat, statement of faith, and policy acceptance. 

Residential Intake Application

Weekly Treatment Schedule

Our core treatment program (3-6 months) consists of multiple groups, individual therapy, recreational therapy, and vocational training. The schedule is quite rigorous, but this comprehensive program targets each area of the client’s life and equips them with the tools in which to embrace lasting recovery.

Please utilize the following links to help you get to know us and our program better.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our counselors.

What to Bring

Patient Rule Handbook (Please review before completing and submitting your application.  By signing the application, you are agreeing to all policies listed in this handbook and are bound by them until discharged.)

*Please Note:  There are no refunds given at any time or for any reason.*